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Billy Savage is the proud owner of Savage’s Barber Lounge in Cleveleys. We sat down with him to discuss Savage’s, his opinion on the art of barbering and what makes Savage’s stand out to be this month’s Barbershop of the Month.

Savage’s first opened in the October of 2018, with Billy the owner amassing a hefty eight years of working within the barbering industry before deciding to open his own shop.

It’s because of these years of experience that Savage was off to such a shooting start, as his barbering history within the industry provided a plethora of knowledge to apply to his own business.

Billy tells us more about the start of the business: “My experience in other shops has shown me how to run a shop properly and treat your staff correctly. The business has never been about money, it has always been about my own personal growth and showing my children that you can push your boundaries and achieve your goals with hard work and dedication.”

Naturally, the ethos that Billy strives for has helped them grow, to stand out from the traditions and bring a new take on the barbering industry compared to other local barbering businesses. Billy and the team at Savage’s have travelled up and down the UK, attending shows and competitions where they were able to gain a wealth of knowledge from other industry pros and talented barbers alike.

This was one of the base layers for helping them create a “fresh approach” to barbering, from the décor to the service that the team provides to their clientele.

“We are always honest with our clients when it comes to the latest trends and styles,” Billy continues, “We also operate our open door policy to help anybody who is struggling or just needs a chat. We provide a safe place for people to come and we are always happy to listen and help in any way we can.”

Thanks to this, Savage’s has earned not only a loyal clientele base, but a lot of positive feedback which would do nothing aside from bring in even more clientele to share the top-tier business operation with. Savage’s has now been voted into the top ten best barbershops in their area, an achievement that will carry positive word of mouth for years to come.

“People always think barbering is ‘just cutting hair’ but it is an art and skill,” Billy adds, “I wanted the shop to reflect this with the unique art we have all around. It reflects all of us who work in the shop.”

Walking into Savage’s, you’ll instantly notice that the theme has a very modern, street feel. Being no strangers to art, specifically the magic of tattoos, the team at Savage’s decided to let this inspire the décor within the shop. From the almost skeletal, alternative logo of the business to the colourful graffiti surrounding the barber areas and mirrors, you’ll immediately get to know how creative and passionate the team are. It reflects the demographic of them, as well as represents what the barbershop stands for.

By the age of 30, Billy had a handful of goals, one of which was to own his own barbershop. Alongside this, almost going hand-in-hand with the business, came the eventual stage work, barbering competitions, and sponsorship deals from big brands. I suppose that you could say that by taking the leap and applying the creative spirit of the team to the ethos of the barbershop, this has led to nothing but positive growth within the industry.

Billy always wanted to help others to grow in the industry, have the opportunity to feature in a magazine (Hey, that’s what we’re doing now!) and to “master the work-life balance”. All of this combined leaves only one goal left for Billy, to teach others and to pass on his skills and knowledge to the next generation of upcoming barbers in the industry.

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What we can learn from Billy Savage and the rest of the team at Savage’s Barber Lounge is that you shouldn’t be afraid to put your own spin on your business. Put your name out there, stand out from the crowd and you too can reap the benefits much like how Savage’s Barber Lounge did.

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